Day: March 10, 2018

Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show: Best Friends Challenge with Drew Barrymore

Jimmy and Drew Barrymore take the Best Friends Challenge! Jimmy and Drew Barrymore take turns pulling questions from the best friends box and guessing each other's answers. Viewers reacted: Jenna Lynn Drew had me laughing at her cat "butt in the face" video! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, actually scared my […]readmore

Stephen Colbert : The First Lady Gets Blunt on Immigration

The Late Show Melania Trump  The First Lady gets blunt on immigration Helen Mirren Reads Poetry To An Emotional Stephen Colbert Chris Hayes On Trump-Russia Allegations: Why Is Everyone Acting Guilty? Since the Trump administration won't, Stephen goes to Washington to recruit candidates for every last unfilled position in the drastically understaffed U.S. federal government. […]readmore