Alec Baldwin Donald Trump SNL Today

Alec Baldwin Donald Trump SNL 2018

Alec Baldwin Donald Trump SNL 2018

Bill Hader swung by the SNL Standby Line yesterday and surprised fans with tickets to tonight's show!

Viewers reacted:

Mary Ellen Saasto Love you for that, Bill!! PS I bet your Mama is very proud of you for handing out those tkts. Always give back love that you play it forward ,xoxox

Brianna Ahearn Our group was playing catchphrase while waiting on standby and he watched and then posers for pictures. What a nice guy.

Gary Lapple Sick narcissistic losers. LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER. You sick people are filled with hate and lacking in logic.

Jac Lyn Owenby SNL used to be good. Now just a bunch of political BS.. Not even funny… Can we get John Belushi and Gilda Radner back??? Hell throw in Martin Short and David Spade… At least that's when there was some real talent…

The O'Reilly Factor with Donald Trump – SNL

Viewers reacted:

Marc Valenzuela Hope he becomes more committed to voice work for Pixar or even South Park! (He hasn't been involved much lately with the latter)

Frank Aversa Jr. I stopped watching Saturday Night Live before I stopped watching the NFL. They are running the Trump skits into the ground. I guess they're scared to talk about North Korea, the NFL kneeling, antifa, Hillary Clinton "sore loser" the mainstream media, snowflakes, BLM, liberals wanting to take down the statue of Christopher Columbus in New York City 
If you want to go the political route of Comedy you must entertain both sides.
Maybe you just need some new writers this show is dead.

Gwyneth McKenna If there’s a limited amount of seats… that’s kinda messed up to give tickets to folks behind others in line…

Tamara Drevenik Rickard Why was it OK to call President Trump a cracker last night by a black cast member during the SNL news? This is why white people are angry, such a double standard!

James Loanes I hate how overly biased and political SNL is now, I didn't watch last year and I won't watch this year. In fact any guest that comes on I will not support their project and actively look to bash it online. Thank you SNL and liberal media for making me so sick of your agenda I am now vehemently opposed to it.

I no longer can watch SNL. All you do is bash Trump from start to finish. It's no longer funny. Give us a break from politics. Fucking douchebags

The Chaos President Cold Open – SNL

Viewers reacted:

Steve Van Allen Your show sucks so bad anymore. There was a time when you would go after everyone and it was great. Fuck you your show sucks.

Nate Slater SNL is definitely bias as hell, in the pockets of the globalist now its nothing but trashing Trump 24/7. Didn't do this to Obama for 8 years.

David Fisher One of the absolute worst episodes written in recent years. Nothing was funny or even meaningful. The continued obsession with The current administration is boring , not funny or remotely accurate. Baldwin, your welcome Matt has been worn out, the Jeff sessions imitation with a rat tail is stupid. Your ratings must be tanking and love to watch Bachelor Finale Cold Open – SNL


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Viewers reacted:


Sean Dab Are you going to do a skit about how Hillary rigged the nomination, screwed Bernie, and put Trump in the White House?

Because you totally should.

Matt Ledbetter And whose the “snowflake”?!?! It’s hilarious all the vile shit you republicans said and did to President Obama and his family and now you guys whine about comedy. Nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites. It’s fun watching the treasonous swamp monsters getting picked off one by one. Trump is an embarrassment not only here in the US but all around the world with his 3rd grade vocabulary and intellect

Chris Douglas Old and tired…Americas bored with this,,,.we've moved on and now looking at numbers….the boss is getting done exactly what he was hired to to do…..oh wait he's not taking a salary.

Denise Mitchell Noddin America isn't bored with this. Trump supporters barely even know about the Mueller investigation because Fox News has them convinced the real villain is HIllary as Trump rakes in millions from his position as president. Heck, he's even selling Trump teddy bears, although they're probably made in China like his campaign donation pocket knives were. Such a fraud. I think he better get used to showering with others and using the shiv as the skit suggests. He's gonna need it and love to watch Alec Baldwin Donald Trump SNL 2018

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