Bachelor Finale Cold Open – SNL

Sterling K. Brown tries - and fails - to not get emotional about hosting Saturday Night Live.

SNL Donald Jr  and Eric Stopped By Weekend Update The Bachelor finale took a turn nobody saw coming.
Sterling K. Brown Monologue

This Is U.S. – SNL

Sasquatch – SNL

Viewers reacted:

Maximilian Isensee This was one of the worst cold opens I have ever seen. Who wrote this and who thought this would be funny. Even the crowd thats supposed to laugh didn't laugh that much. Get it together. Chris King SNL finally admits that Mueller has nothing. And that Trump will be President for six more years. Now the liberal bigots will go after SNL.

Seubert Bonita Just happened to watch your bullshit show at 10:30 PST. Haven’t even glanced at your show in the last six years. I was not surprised your show is still not funny or interesting. SNL has not been funny to watch for last decade and a half. Bad actors, combined with crap material not even worthy of my pet dog watching.

Kristen Cox If you are a Bachelor fan this was spot on with the political twist. So damn funny. It actually makes me a glad I watched the lame season of the Bachelor. AJ Genovese As the intro said, “it’s hard to watch” because a large portion of us hopes it’s not true. I thought it was funny. Yesenia A. Mantuano That open made no sense and the other skits were way off. And I’m a fan. Who wrote this ridiculous skits today??? No no good Shannon Reynolds I love that weather lady on weekend update! I die of laughter every time Reem Hassanyn Janae lol! I love how they made this look like the real thing haha and used their quotes 

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