Stephen Colbert: Was Helsinki A ‘Top-Three’ Worst Moment Of Trump’s Presidency?

Donald trump Stephen Colbert Youtube

Donald trump Stephen Colbert Youtube

Kowtowing to an adversary on an international stage would be the lowest moment of most presidencies. But most presidencies aren’t Donald Trump’s.

The NRA-Linked Russian Spy Who Isn't Donald Trump

Stephen Interviews Sean Hannity's Interview Of Donald Trump

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Viewers reactions:

Cristina Freitag And the republicans retracted their brief bout of patriotism so that we’re back to monkey business as usual.

Margie Eileen Jones Can we just stop Tweetfuck from speaking? Just a big censorship blob to cover him completely and a remote to mute him continually. Where is that Bruce Almighty universal remote thing when you need it? Reverse completely to erase the problem, clear back to giving Daddy T a condom to prevent the Orangesicle Wonder.

Jeanne Macey CBS interrupted your monolog or was it censorship don't know but I'm our local viewing area I had to turn it off do to technical difficulties oh & can you do me a favor please tell your higher ups CANCELING CODE BLACK …….HUGE MISTAKE !!! Thanks Steven !! Luv your show 

Marilyn Cooper Pearcy Loved your show tonight with AC2…most of all loved that you say Cooper as the southern Charleston Cooper and not Coooooooper….just my thoughts from Charleston.

Gernes Mary Jo It's called a Telenovella in spanish circles. So what's it called in Helsinki???
DRAMA QUEEN be like, maybe if I flip the hair…bow,annnndd end scene

Ari Brown Three that’s been kind how about the whole year went from bad to worse and still escalating

Sean Meyers Donald Trump will go down as the most corrupt president in American history and we have the Republican party to thank for that. They always seem to lower the bar every presidency.

Nancy Jackson Funniest thing about the whole retraction was when he said: 'you can put that in'.
Transcript: '…the sentence should have been: 'I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russia.' Sort of a double negative. So, you can put that in and I think that probably clarifies things pretty good by itself.'
(( I'm thinking: He's asking everyone to do an edit on his words for him? HOW? A voiceover on every copy of every video? Strikethrough text on every copy of every transcript with the word 'would' crossed out…and the word 'wouldn't' inserted? Hypnotize everyone who was there to unhear and rehear? ??
Isn't that like saying…'REWRITE!' permission granted for fake news!? ))

Then you did the 'Anyway, here's what it would have sounded like if he had said what he claimed he meant' And I bust out laughing!

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