EXCLUSIVE Audio of Michael Cohen’s Conversation with Donald Trump

EXCLUSIVE Audio of Michael Cohen's Conversation with Donald Trump

We recently learned that Federal prosecutors have 12 conversations secretly recorded by former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen, at least one of which is a conversation with Trump himself. That tape, which was recorded two months before the election features Michael Cohen and his orange-colored client chatting about paying off a former Playboy model named Karen McDougal.

Trump's legal team is so convinced this recording exonerates their client, they took the unprecedented step of releasing it this afternoon. You are about to hear exclusive audio tape of our President discussing the Karen McDougal affair with his then-attorney Michael Cohen.

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Donald Trump was up past his bedtime lashing out at the President of Iran on Twitter. It's clear that Trump's stubby, chubby little thumbs are dangerous, but fortunately we were able to get in touch with them for an exclusive interview.

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