Stephen Colbert: Trump Scolds Sarah Huckabee Sanders For…Being

stephen colbert donald trump show

Stephen Colbert Donald Trump Show 

Trump was angry with his Press Secretary for breaking her oath to tell the untruth, the whole untruth, and everything but the truth.


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Wyatt McGuiness

Just in:
Trump hits China with tariffs, and 3 days later North Korea says they're ready to denuclearize! And start negotiating with America.
Nobel Peace Prize Now!
President Trum did what 4 Presidents FAILED MISERABLY to do.
Outstanding leadership from this man.
CNN and the Liberals are on suicide watch after this development, after they said Trump would start WW3 haha and love The Late Show

Tony Huff if *45 goes hard after sarah huckabee sanders it could finally break the *45 evangelical bond.. if mike huckabee takes exception to the way *45 potentially treats her.. he could turn on *45.. and evangels will listen to a preacher over a so called president

Kathy Braatz Thanks Well watched  You’re Not Dreaming: A Porn Star Is Suing The President and love it so much  Colbert for helping us laugh at 45 & minions. How nice that Huckabee Sanders can speak truth – wonder if she's next one out the door.

Kenny Hawkins Sr. Wyatt McGuiness your stupid leader just tried to give condolences to a steel worker he just fuked and the poor misaligned man informed him that his dad is still alive??!! WTF gonna play donnie on this one " Hat's off to the Planet Meth for their continuous and unadulterated support for my oblivious senility.. Dam yall ain't stain on the mattress dam you sank onto the floor!

Lynda Alatorre Telling the truth was more difficult on her than anyone else..I think he has an electric shock hooked up to her pearls, to remind her truth is not a part of her job.

Annie Pomeroy Yet more lying form this White House , what a surprise !!

The President has not, in fact, won any new arbitration against Stormy Daniels. Thus, her act of suppressing her smile/laughter would be an example of Duping Delight. 

Summary: Ms. Huckabee Sanders either believes an issue regarding the recent lawsuit brought by Stormy Daniels against President Trump to be funny – or she is lying when she says, the President has won recent a recent arbitration against her and I am happy to watch Stephen Colbert Donald Trump Show 

Piper Ordaz Continue the good work and you might just get me shelling out attention in the near future as well.

Donna Washburn Hague HAHAA This is hilarious. I can't wait for her to release her texts and pictures. This is going to be good. He's such a twit he got outsmarted by a porn star..

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