Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Olive SLAMS JUDGE Brett Kavanaugh

John Oliver discusses the ongoing controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh, the sexual assault allegations against him, his Supreme Court nomination, and what that could all mean for the highest (mostly-dog) court in the land.

Viewer reactions:

Kelly As John implied, Mitch McConnell warned President Trump not to pick Kavanaugh despite the fact that Kavanaugh is everything Republicans like in a judge, which makes me wonder what McConnell knew about Kavanaugh and if McConnell tried to cover up information like this about Kavanaugh?

Jessie Trivia note: During the Hill testimony, there were no female Senators from either the Democratic or Republican Parties on the Committee, but during the Ford testimony, there were 4 female Democratic Senators yet still no female Republican Senators on the Committee. And yet there are some people still surprised by the fact that 1) Women's approval of the Republican Party is declining, and 2) A record number of women are campaigning to be elected to Congress in the Democratic Party.

Mikelly First they defended Donald Trump, then Roy Moore, now Brett Kavanaugh, republicans sure know how to win over women voters, that's why now they are 25 points behind democrats among women, if Kavanaugh gets confirmed, that deficit could easily go up to 35 points, and what makes things even worse is their lead among men is mere 3 points. At some point even they themselves have got to wonder if it's really worth destroying the entire GOP's future just to make sure their beloved Dear Leader won't end up in jail.

While the whole country is fixed on the Kavanaugh scandals, house republicans have quietly passed their tax scam 2.0 which will add yet another more than half trillion dollars to the deficit. Like every skilled pickpocket, the GOP sure know how to distract their victims before steal from them.

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