Workplace Sexual Harassment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver Takes on Workplace Sexual Harassment

We’re back on HBO with a new, forty-minute episode in just a few hours! We hope you can forgive us for going away for so long…or, if you're not a fan, please forgive us for coming back.

With a national dialogue underway about sexual harassment in the workplace, John Oliver sits down with Anita Hill to discuss the recent response to a not-so-recent problem.

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Viewers reactions:

Amit Bhoonah I'm going to be the angry parent and say "You could at least do the odd YouTube video once in a while when you are away! "

Dustin Hardy This is the problem: much like one suffering abuse in a relationship, we’ll always come back because we think we can change your hiatus schedules, hoping you’ll pan out overall. 

We know you will. 

But now I feel icky and sad posting that rationale. 


Samantha England Just got all excited as we're on holiday in Florida and thought we could watch you 'live'. Unfortunately, we cant get HBO on ghe telly in the villa (no subscription) so will have to wait till we get back to Blighty

Andrea Horton Seriously stop going away! I had to take my dogs separation anxiety meds now she looks like this! She watches me while I’m sleeping now just biding her time…

Gabriel Goh I'll forgive you when you stop making me think, stop making me care about things I have NEVER thought about, or thought I should care about, and just give us cat videos…

Hmmm… Here's a thought. How about you show us cute cat/kitten videos while John Oliver narrates the problem of the day and why I should care, and why it affects me?

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