Last Week Tonight with John Oliver : Authoritarianism

 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 11/18/18

We’d just like to let you know that our season finale will be 40 minutes long, and it will air this Sunday night on HBO, starting at 11:02. That’s all. Why are you still looking at us? That was the whole thing!

John Oliver discusses the growing number of authoritarian leaders around the world, their common characteristics, and whether or not one of them is currently our president.


Viewer reactions:

Chris Gastgeb Unacceptable. There is so much chaos in the world today that needs a quality reporter to make us laugh as well as inform us about it all. The world has a fever and the only prescription is more Oliver!

Todd Stoilov You do 1 30 min show every week and you skip weeks all the time. You dont need to have "seasons". Get to work lazies

Cindy Ladd Thank you for making these last two years of our nation's demise almost bearable. Hurry back!

Elizabeth McClintock I wish I could watch it. Unfortunately AT&T is still using HBO against Dish customers, so we don’t get to see you despite having paid for HBO.

Kelli Gillum I'm going to have to request that you relinquish all further awards to Colbert until you quit abandoning us.

Roberta Bailey

So noted…will await announcement of new season start. in the meantime, please, please, please have a fantastic holiday season. eat a bit too much, toss back a couple here and there and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! 

i can't say it enough: i love you guys and thank you for tackling some of the most important issues of our time AND for doing it in such a great way. 

we here at the posh but not overly ostentatious bailey household send you much love and appreciation. love  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 11/18/18


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