Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Astroturfing: (HBO)

 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Astroturfing:  (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver August 12 2018

Organizations can hire fake advocates who create the illusion of real support for their message. It’s a shady practice called astroturfing that can warp the public perception of anything…even astroturfing.

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Viewers reactions:

Manuel Goldstein This cracked me up because last week…. when I was loading up Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on the HBO NOW app… the app forced us to watch a Preview for a new show featuring an all black cast… I turned to my roomate while the preview was playing and I said "Tyler Perry Presents". Then 1/2 way through the Episode of Last Week… this little skit came on.
I died.

Stephanie Ann Bijoch Me and my sister are in NYC for one more night and would totally love to see this show LIVE!! We did the make the lottery so here we are with a Hail Mary of a chance to get tickets. It’s a long shot, but we figured it’s worth a try!?

Chuck Charlene Langley I saw Tyler Perry visiting with Joel Osteen, personally I would have had to ask Osteen why he abandoned Houstonians during Harvey?

Alan Gilfoy John has a habit of ending the show with a stunt related to the joke so that's what I'm predicting here.

Matt Spencer I was a bit sad to miss Last week last week, since comcast decided to give us only the back half of the episode and DirecTV Now doesn't have it at all.

Chris Lapointe Since you guys are “busy at work”, mind whipping up a note to excuse our absence at work for Mondays? That’d be great.

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