Seth Meyers: Robert Mueller Investigates Trump’s Kremlin Back Channel

late night with seth meyers a closer look

Late night with Seth Meyers a closer look

Porn stars, witness tampering and pee tape rumors: All in a week of Trump scandals. 

Viewers reacted to Late night with Seth Meyers a closer look

Johns Mueller's doing the job that Trump's Justice Department hired him to do. Hiring him is the only thing this Administration has done right. Instead of enacting the sanctions on Russia, Trump goes ahead and sanctions America with tariffs. Trump was the best purchase Putin ever made.

Mickie Shea Low places…we really don't even HAVE a president, do we! Talking to witnesses? (desperate?) Shifty eyes…LOL. Zebra steaks in a volcano in the Seychelles… this one is packed I had just decided I couldn't take any more sickening news for awhile. Until, I looked at this Closer Look…so funny, I couldn't turn away…thanks for this! 

Michael Dwyer now, how much ya wanna bet, the recent things with NK will be DELAYED because of this? even though every thing coming together by May is unlikely

Timothy Ord Yep this is an example of “Trickle down morals and ethics” from the top man in the country, which by the way works on the same principals as “Trickle down economics”

Carlos Zepeda Cabildo You are Small People. Trump is WINNING on the World Stage and this little man is what you are TALKING about!

Jackson Davis disappointed in Seth for not mentioning the attempts by the republicans to deregulate the banks!

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