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Late Night with Seth Meyer

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers' monologue from Tuesday, March 6.

Back in My Day: Black Panther, This Is Us

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Kenneth Mejia 

#ericgarcetti, you have catered to real estate developers and special interests for too long. Homelessness continues to grow in Los Angeles, you need to focus more on the most vulnerable people in your community and build shelters and fight for affordable housing and rent control!

Mel Tillekeratne I held a candlelight vigil for Addie. A homeless woman who died less than 5 miles from your 20 bedroom mansion. Here's direct democracy. How do you sleep at night knowing you're doing nothing to prevent deaths like Addie's?

Lorena Montero-Abrams You know what's worse than traffic? Driving down the streets of Los Angeles and seeing at least one tent set up for people that are HOMELESS. You say you listen to your constituents, look at all of these comments EricGarcetti and do something about the homelessness crisis! Women are being raped every single day in the streets of LA. That should matter to you more than potholes and the Olympics!! House 1000 women by August 2018! Because SheDoes deserve it

Mel Tillekeratne Late Night with Seth Meyers how about we talk about our approximately 30,000 homeless women who are exposed to rape on our streets? 

Cait Lin Mayor Eric Garcetti, people are dying in the streets of this city! Homelessness is an epidemic. Are you going to house 1,000 women this summer? The resources are available! 

Mike Belous EricGarcetti A lot of your constituents are not native to LA. We talk to family and friends around the country about the homelessness and over lack appropriated funds towards affordable and low income housing. I seriously think your track record on homelessness is going to be a thorn in your side moving forward politically. Who knows, change my mind. House 1k homeless women by Aug 31st and we can go from there. 

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