Seth Meyers: Trump Ramps Up Campaign as Mueller Report Looms: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers June 12 2019

Late Night with Seth Meyers March 21 2019

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump ramping up his re-election campaign as the specter of Robert Mueller’s report looms over him.

This clown is still bragging and rambling about election victory continuously. Clearly he is a gone case. I think some will be surprised and some will spin the report, and some won’t understand the report. Because of the last outcome we may never get the unabridged edition

Baby, loser, bad cop!! I can't wait to hear what's in the Mueller Report!!Trump says he wants it to be made public but we know what that means? He's ready to blow a gasket any minute.

That's nothing…wait until Hillary & Obama go down ,now that those documents have been unsealed

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