The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Liv Tyler Makes Stephen’s ‘LOTR’ Dream Come True

Liv Tyler on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen gets a big idea when 'Harlots' star Liv Tyler shows him a keepsake that Peter Jackson gave her from the set of 'The Lord of the Rings.'

“If you want him, come and claim him!” Liv Tyler helps Stephen Colbert live out a dream. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The alternative/indie rock band plays their new single 'Simplify.'

The president's trip to Europe looks like it will be mutually beneficial to Trump and his closest international allies. But enough about Putin.

In all of the years host of 'The Last Word' Lawrence O'Donnell spent in politics, he never saw anything Thursday's congressional hearing for Peter Strzok.

The DOJ provides suggests how Americans can keep a low profile during protests against Donald Trump.

Describing Peter Strzok's congressional hearing as 'going off the rails' is an insult to defective trains.

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Viewers reactions:

Ma Garrity Have some concern that we are making too much fun of trump and not being as critical in our thinking as we should be. this could be causing more desensitization than is okay. trump is a really narcissistic person and this clandestine meeting with putin is incredibly disturbing. don't care if you support republicans or not; this should frighten everyone and not be okay. 

Debbie Costa I don't know about you guys…but with all the headache-causing news every day I NEED Stephen Colbert's hilarious humor each night. He is the best!

Suzanne Middleton so the Congressman from Texas is worried about Strzok's lying to his wife? But, he is not worried about Trump lying to his wives? Seems to be a big double standard here!

Juan Gaubeca This is how low-life the Republicans have stooped. Not only are they not going to protect the American voter from a hostile foreign invasion, they are spending time discrediting and obstructing those who would protect us.

Does anyone think it is a little more than suspicious that Trump would seek an otherwise unnecessary meeting in secret with Putin three months before the midterm elections?

Natasha Ivanova Good job, Stephen! Today’s hearing was a real circus where Reps went completely off the rails. The last shreds of decency were falling off at a lightning speed and the volume of ugly, hypocritical and plain stupid was unprecedented.

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