Mexican Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Mexican Elections Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Mexico is on the verge of a major election. John Oliver discusses some things we should know about the races and one thing we should not know about Santa Claus.

Chinese president Xi Jinping is amassing an alarming amount of political power. If only his propaganda videos made the idea of unrestricted authority seem as troubling as the concept of singing children.

John Oliver explains how the president and his allies are going full O. J. in order to undermine the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Viewers reawctions:

Barbara Chaney I’ll give you $20 if tonight’s episode finally tells the story of Robert Murray’s lawsuit against John Oliver.

Charles Frost Watching your biased show. Why don't you talk about your home county? But 32,000 deaths… Horrific .. government didn't pursue it… and You John Oliver. Makes issues with our President then talks about all the murders in Mexico. So what is safe? Take your family for a walk across the border without a crew and see if you feel differently…

Leslie Lewis Could we get a guest host when you’re not there? Some one perky and British. Dominic Cumberbund for instance.

Lois Arnold-Burch So good of you to make time in your busy day for a little sane understanding, is SHS an restaurants who will not serve her going to be on your show tonight ?

Colin McLean Okay let’s do some guess work on what tonight’s main story will be!
Turkey and Erdogan
Trump’s immigration policy

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