Stephen Colbert : Not One, Not Two: Feds Have Twelve Michael Cohen Tapes

Not One, Not Two Michael Cohen Tapes Stephen Colbert July 23

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

On the first Michael Cohen tape, Donald said to meeee…

Viewers reactions:

Alma Taylor Hentzel Why are the trolls here? You obviously can’t handle the truth….. even when it’s in a comedic form. 
You got to admit its hilarious!

Suzane Bricker Amazing that this country may be saved by taped interviews with a porn star and a playmate. Terms that will be difficult to explain to young children, if Trump is impeached.

Laurie Laughlin I guess if Trump wasn't president, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, wouldn't have ANY Material at all… ( I dislike Trump) and am really sick of hearing about him, ALL DAY & NIGHT LONG!!! BE ABOVE IT, PLEASE!

Nancy Joyce Owens My favorite president did nothing wrong. Trump, on the other hand, has done most things wrong.

Charles Styron Yes 12 tapes listen to and there isn't anything against TRUMP. All he said was write a check so I have receipts. No names mentioned. Other 11 we're People talking about a deal with TRUMP on some real estate Trump wasn't in room. Just his name mentioned. Sorry Steven Colbert you owe TRUMP a blow job

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