Presidential Address Cold Open – SNL Donald Trump Cold Open

Presidential Address Cold Open - SNL Donald Trump Cold Open Episode 43

A promise kept.

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) convenes a bipartisan symposium featuring Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) and Senator Dianne Feinstein (Cecily Strong) to address gun control.

Presidential Address Cold Open

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Viewers reacted:

Jeff Scott Funny, but best Waffle House joke still goes to Lisa Lampanelli when she said the Flavor of Love girls looked like the 3 AM shift at the Jacksonville, FL Waffle House.

Matt Brodeur O great… more of alex making fun of donald trump… wow so funny… never heard this before… I am glad they can always come up with new material, that is what makes this show so great.

Robin Kaye Please stop shoving her down our throats. Leslie Jones is just not funny! And 9 times out of 10 she flubs her lines. I can’t be the only one who notices. Every single episode! Cue the nasty comments telling me I’m a “hater” for having an opinion.3…2…1..

Charlie Craddock Sad whats happened to SNL. You would think the entertainment community would realize the people spoke at the polls. They are litterly cutting off their nose to spite their face!

Ubax Said “In times like this we look to our leaders for guidance but instead, we’ll hear from Donald Trump.”

Tiffany Hartman Hopefully the real trump will be “forced” to watch this. Kinda funny that he is so upset about this depiction of him. He doesn’t realize that most people see him this way.

James J McGarry IV Wow. Children died in a school shooting. Parents lost everything and you joke about it? How do you twisted wack jobs find humor in it on any level? Oh right it’s just comedy,lighten up,right? Jerkoffs!!!

Pam Sutton Classless move talking about the children that died. I changed channels because you have lost the focus of being entertaining. This was in poor taste. I can’t imagine how painful that would have been for one of those parents to watch. I am disgusted by your poor judgement!

Nicky Drew Hurle I love snl and the depiction of the idiots in the White House, but tonight was not funny. In fact it was in such bad taste using the awful events in Florida as part of a comedy show. Please don’t justify it as bringing gun law into the public interest, anyone who saw the pictures on television do not need reminding. There is a line that should not be crossed, and desperate unhappiness is one of them. So shame shame shame on you snl, you just lost my vote

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Stephen Freeman Republicans watch the show so they can comment that they will never watch the show again. Ha ha. Can’t wait to read their comments on the next show.

Herritcha Straatgip Oh my gosh, I felt bad laughing at this, but Alec Baldwin is hysterical when he impersonates Trump.

Lynn-Rob Ingram I wish people could stop staring at their lines so much. I know it makes it easy but there are some that do it great, and others that do not. It’s distracting and very, very obvious.

Ramon Pineda Why use the same dress as the Kennedy assassination day? That is creepy and unfair with Jackeling Kennedy valiant vehavior that day. Despite that all the skech is really fun

Con Ed Repair Site – SNL

Construction workers (Charles Barkley, Alex Moffat, Pete Davidson, Kenan Thompson, Beck Bennett, Chris Redd) consider what they’d wear if they were women.

White House Christmas Cold Open – SNL

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) is visited by the spirits of Michael Flynn (Mikey Day), Billy Bush (Alex Moffatt), Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) and Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon).

Viewers reactd:

Steve Van Allen Your show sucks so bad anymore. There was a time when you would go after everyone and it was great. Fuck you your show sucks.

Nate Slater SNL is definitely bias as hell, in the pockets of the globalist now its nothing but trashing Trump 24/7. Didn’t do this to Obama for 8 years.

Cathy Daniel I can’t decide which is funnier- the skits or the snowflakes melting down in temper tantrums just like 45 lmao!!  they make it too easy


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