Saturday Night Live Full Episodes March 17th 2018

saturday night live full episodes

Saturday Night Live Full Episodes
Bill Hader swung by the SNL Standby Line yesterday and surprised fans with tickets to tonight's show!

Anderson Cooper White House Turmoil Cold Open

Arcade Fire – Put Your Money on Me (Live) – SNL

Bill Hader Explains SNL Monologue – SNL

CBC Report – SNL

Cut for Time – St. Patrick's Day – SNL

Irish Dating Show – SNL

Jurassic Park Auditions – SNL

The Californians – Replacing Rosa – SNL

Viewers reacted:

Vik Bennett If you can see the picture in my profile to the left of this – that is my mum. She died from Mesothelioma. I had to watch her go from strong and healthy to bedbound, unable to eat or swallow even a teaspoon of water, in constant pain despite huge doses of medications, unable to speak, until eventually she suffocated from the fluid and pressure on her lungs. The mesothelioma tumours encased her heart, abdomen and lungs. She died in 11 months from diagnosis.

She was exposed to asbestos as a child and it killed her. 4 years before, it killed her brother, also exposed as a child. 15 years before that, it killed her sister, also exposed as a child. Mesothelioma is a terminal illness, only caused by exposure to asbestos. It is widely ignored, poorly diagnosed, and widely misunderstood. To make a joke out of it is in poor taste and serves to dismiss the suffering that happens, and also dismisses the responsibility of businesses, politicians, public bodies, and other industries to make sure that people are not continuing to be exposed and killed this way.

Lindsey Peet Mestolimia is not funny or anything its a very horrible killer,i lost my dad to this he really needs be a public apology ,would he be laughing if was him with NO he wouldnt

Deborah Higson Think this is a very American type of humour… personally I don’t find this funny at all (couldn’t understand what the guy was saying most of the time)… and agree with Sharon Kember Brazier, it is extremely crass to joke about asbestos… what a extraordinarily unpleasant chap and love to watch Alec Baldwin Donald Trump SNL Today

Weekend Update – Betsy DeVos – SNL

Weekend Update – Pete Davidson on Kevin Love – SNL

Weekend Update – Stefon on St. Patrick's Day – SNL

Weekend Update on Andrew McCabe's Firing – SNL

Weekend Update on IHOP's Apology – SNL

Viewers reacted :

Perry Gottschalk What makes John's cameo funnier is a joke he has in his comedy special New In Town about wanting to use the word "midget" and the network not allowing him to do so, clearly here he was the reason Stefon said "little people"

Tony Tomaszek I think that Roman J. Israel, Esq. is now as legendary on Weekend Update as Sidney Applebaum and Dan Cortese.

Mackenzie Foster Stefon is my favorite character! I was sad when Bill left and even sadder thinking this character was gone. I am SO happy ya’ll bring him back on sometimes 

Carol Shor Harrison Somebody cast Pete Davidson as Oscar Levant! I swear, he's Levant reincarnated! Does he play the piano? Who cares. They can CGI it.

Dawn Cunningham Lawson My father died from mesothelioma, he suffered in agony for 11 months, how dare you make a joke from such a terrible disease, I suggest you research this disease and you might understand why this isn’t funny.


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