Anderson Cooper White House Turmoil Cold Open

John Goodman returns as Rex Tillerson Cold Open

“It’s just crazy how one day you’re the CEO of Exxon, a 50 billion dollar company, and the next day, you get fired by a man who used to sell steaks in the mail

John Goodman and Fred Armisen made surprise appearances in “Saturday Night Live’s” cold open, along with host Bill Hader and “SNL” regular Alex Moffat as CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

The bit presented as a segment of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” skewered headlines of the week including President Donald Trump’s unceremonious firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was limned by Goodman.

“Frankly, I can’t believe I lasted this long.” — Attorney General Jeff Sessions


Armisen played author and columnist Michael Wolff, while Hader revived his impersonation of Anthony Scaramucci, the Trump associate and short-lived White House Communications Director.

Kate McKinnon joined in as Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “Trump made me do it,” McKinnon’s Sessions blurted out as Moffat’s Anderson Cooper grilled Sessions about the firing of FBI veteran Andrew McCabe in what was seen as a politically motivated act directed by Trump. McCabe was axed just days before he was to retire, compromising his pension.

Hader and Armisen spent years working together as regular cast members of “SNL.” Following Hader’s monologue, the pair revived one of their signature sketches, the low-rent TV soap opera “The Californians.”

“Call Jurassic Park, because the Rexy is loose!

Jurassic Park would have been a very different movie if Al Pacino played Hammond.

Kate McKinnon might do a better Betsy DeVos than the real Betsy DeVo

Viewers reacted:

Pitman Wesley Che looks like he bloated up for this weeks crap fest. His battle with the English language is still ongoing and I find it funny that he’s still on SNL. A damn illegal off of the streets could do better. And the rest of the cast isn’t much better than substandard.

Libbalee Stevens People will be complaining that they don’t know who Cardi B is and say they won’t be watching this.

Gayle Barnes OMG…that musical group! IF you can call that music! ugh…that hurt my ears!

Rob Wescott Great guest host! Lousy “musical” act. I’ll need tons of Bacardi Rum to numb the pain of Cardi B’s performance!

Leroy Leblanc so we have McCabe that will hopefully lose his pension and we’re supposed to be upset. Yet, General Flynn has been bankrupted and had to sell his house because he allegedly lied to an FBI agent who was removed from the Russian hoax investigation because of conflicts of interest issues, who even indicated that General Flynn didnt lie. I hope McCabe and Lurch and his band of thug Russian investigators all rot in hell.

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