Homework Hotline – Saturday Night Live Today

Saturday NIght Live weekend Update Charles Barkley

Mr. Leonard (Charles Barkley) and his study buddy, Bobo, have a hard time finding callers who actually need homework help.

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Viewers reacted to Saturday NIght Live weekend Update Charles Barkley

Edwin Pulecio Migos suck!!! Can’t wait til everyone sees how awful they are then maybe they’ll fade away with their supreme clothes too!!

JaWana Spearman Love SNL! Hate Charles Barkley! I hardly ever know the terrible bands on there. I use that time as break time. Lol

Timothy Pirillo I sure hope ALEX Baldwin keeps me DIEing in the opening monologue with a big clock that reads 5:30am and he tweets about himself……THAT would be PRICELESS

Luis Miguel Alves Funny, Norm McDonald is a comedian, but everything he is on is boring too, and he mumbles when he talks, and he just is not funny. Did I mention he is not funny? Yeah.

Gerald Gillard Watching right now and I can’t understand what they’re saying.They sound just like every other rap group to me.But hey I’m just some old white guy watching SNL cause nothing else is on.

Dave Doucette Migos was possibly the worst “music” guest I’ve ever seen on SNL, and that’s saying a lot! All I got out of their first “song” was something about a “kitchen and a stir fry”.

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