Trump Rambles About “Oringes” and Windmills: A Closer Look

Seth Meyers a Closer Look Youtube

Seth takes a closer look at some of the crazy insane stuff the president said in a speech to a group of Republicans. Trump can’t move past the “oranges” of the Mueller investigation, but he should probably focus on climate change. Seth takes A Closer Look.

Seth Meyers' monologue from Tuesday, April 2.

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump picking fights over health care and the Special Olympics after special counsel Robert Mueller delivered his report.

Viewer react to Seth Meyers a Closer Look Youtube

Everytime a clip of her is on my pets start freaking out. She sounds like a post-apocalyptic cult leader announcing "THE EXECUTION OF THE HERETICS!". She sounds like if Pazuzu from the exorcist possessed a white woman who "Wants to speak to a manager now".

Get a real doctor in there to prove he’s mentally unstable. PLEASE!!!!! I saw both my grandparents slowly lose their minds before passing away, this is EXACTLY what I dealt with. He’s demented, and I’m not saying that to be rude or mean, it’s because he has dementia, and possibly slipping into Alzheimer’s.

This would be so funny if it weren’t so terrifying…something is truly damaged in that man’s brain, he needs help

 I truly feel embarrassed for anyone that has to work for him. His family need to intervene on his behalf he needs major help. TRUMP family if you care help your father.

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