Seth Meyers: Chris Collins, Trump’s Earliest Congressional Backer, Indicted: A Closer Look

Late Night White House Press Briefing

Seth takes a closer look at the indictment of one of President Trump'sclosest congressional backers and the trial of his ex-campaign chairman heating up.

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Viewer reactions:

Gayle Wieneke Insider trading? Lied about it? Ask Martha Stewart how that went for her.

Tina Murillo Man oh man is this funny

Linda Roy This is like the Twilight Zone gone bad!! The EPA is a necessary agency just as much as the CDC but those at the top don't have a clue what purpose they serve. For each of Trump's appointees that quits or gets fired they bring in a worst one. Seth is the true hero in my book for bringing the truth into the daylight for all of us to see. Not all believing but when a family member. including children are diagnosed with cancer or lung problems what were they exposed to? Duh!! Well, that can't be it! As sad as this administration is those old white guys with their chins on their chests are just as guilty and may not live long enough to enjoy retirement. And have you noticed Trump's second chin is resting on his chest, too? Thank you, Seth for being my #1 in comedy and being more honest than the rest who try but miss!

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