Seth Meyers: Trump’s Iran Threat; Carter Page and Michael Cohen

Seth Meyers Donald Trump a Closer Look

Seth Meyers Donald Trump a Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump once again accusing the FBI of "spying" on him while it turns out his own lawyer was, in fact, spying on him.

What, you’ve never tweeted an ALL CAPS threat to Iran while you’re facing scandal after scandal? 

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Viewers reactions:

Todd Victor Leone I really, really like it when Seth Meyers does "A Closer Look". It's brilliant and intelligent comedy and it helps me cope with what's going on in this country. Seth, you are excellent!

Rich Olson This presidency is better then a Hollywood movie. So many twists and turns. So much to keep up with. You laugh, cry, get pissed and then there’s always a tomorrow. A new story. A new tweet storm. A new day that’s really just ssdd (same sh*t, different day).

Lollie Dot Com You know this will be a movie and it's writing itself. I wonder how many clips they'll use of a 'Closer Look'…. I think it ought to be all the segues. I can hardly wait to see that movie. That'll mean it's finally over

Jennifer Casarotti Troch On the plus side: we finally get a Tweet with no spelling errors and relatively good sentence structure. On the down side: everything else.

David Berti Not only does Trump have no right to the phrase "BE CAUTIOUS," he's on thin ice when it comes to any mention of "DEMENTED WORDS."

Beyer Maryam Of all the people he is the one who wants to lead Iran to democracy! I tried hard not to put that in CAPS

Sandra Nicholas The way he talks about secret tapes, you'd think his hotels are secretly taping their guests.

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