Seth Meyers Reacts To Trump’s Summit with Putin

 Seth Meyers Reacts To Trump’s Summit with Putin

Seth Meyers Reacts To Trump’s Summit with Putin

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland and delivering one of the most surreal performances by a president in modern American history.

Seth is back to take A Closer Look at Trump’s disastrous trip overseas.

Viewers reactions:

Jenn Kolodka He always reminds me of teachers calling on the kid in the back who has no idea what's going on and just strings words together to make an answer

Carmel de Bertaut Thanks for the laugh Seth, I really needed it. As an Irish person I thank you for covering his ignorance on that matter. And yes that pint glass (and remember that is an imperial pint glass) would be up his rectum.

Andrew Mski I’m just going to hit the laugh reaction without watching because i’m sure it will be funny but I cannot stand hearing Trump talk at all.

Venkat Venkataraman Though Seth is funny, it is difficult take trump's treason lightly. It is sad to see trump selling our country to little putin. I hope American people will come together and vote trump candidates out in the upcoming elections. I hope congress put more sanctions on little putin.

Justin Tate Ever play a game of Chess and realize that as soon as you hear "check" you have zero options and it's only time before you lose. That's what today felt like.

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