Trump’s First State Dinner, Stormy Daniels’ Anonymous Donor – Monologue

Seth Meyers: Trump's First State Dinner, Stormy Daniels - Monologue

The VA is a massive, complicated office that Trump seems to not understand – and his nominee to run it was just accused of drinking on the job. Seth checks in.

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Viewers reacted:

Susie Miller Drank too much on the job. How much are doctors allowed to drink on the job? Just enough? The doctors where I work are really missing out

Linda Roy My buddy Seth is back and hot tonight. Exposing another of Trump flunkies to do a job so vital to our Veterans Affairs. Tell Ronnie to go back to his pub, bar, saloon of choice and put someone with real experience in his place. Not Dr Ben Carson either because he's already screwed up enough where he is and I'd say it but since he doesn't know his duties none of us do. Never heard any mention of how he did as a brain surgeon either. Background check, please!

Steve Highley Any Trump appointees who didn't drink on the job before their appointment almost certainly are now.

Susan Rightmyer How about threatening Colorado lawmakers with jailtime if they are dishonest and/or self serving?

John Dressel Great strategy for reducing the teaching profession to menial work – low pay, long hours & jail if you protest. Who wouldn’t want that job?? These law makers probably have their kids in private school or don’t have children.

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