Seth Meyers: Trump’s Unhinged Rally, Betsy DeVos’ Train Wreck Interview

Seth Meyers Trump's Unhinged Rally, Betsy DeVos' Train Wreck Interview

Trump spent his weekend ranting about Oprah and making everyone nervous about North Korea. Seth takes A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at Trump's unhinged performance at a campaign rally and Betsy DeVos' train wreck of an interview on 60 Minutes.

Viewers reacted:

Showchia Hay Trump's meeting with Kim will never happen and Trump and his minions will blame Kim. For his supporters who believe he has brought Kim to his knees and the table it will be a believable story, the thought he's all talk no action would never occur to them, sad!

Adelaide Villmoare I haven't intentionally visited … what schools do you intentionally visit?

Connie McKinley "Trainwreck of an interview"! That's putting it mildly. Geez Louise and she's the head of Education for the U.S.??!! RUN. Seth, your "Closer Look" segments are spectacular – always on point.

Paula Shannon Oh dear. Watching here in Ireland. We have had some morons run our country into the ground. But. We have yet to vote in a Clown that can't string a sentence together. Ye all welcome here if you need to RUN.

Janice W Sumlin We know all your weakness es Trump and they are plentiful!

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