SNL Family Feud Oscars Edition Destroys Oscar Winners and Losers

SNL Family Feud Oscars Edition Destroys Oscar Winners and Losers

SNL Family Feud Oscars Edition Destroys Oscar Winners and Losers

Frances McDormand (Kate McKinnon), Guillermo Del Toro (Beck Bennett), Allison Janney (Heidi Gardner) and Jordan Peele (Chris Redd) take on Common (Sterling K. Brown), Sally Hawkins (Melissa Villaseñor), Willem Dafoe (Alex Moffat) and Timothée Chalamet (Pete Davidson).

Family Dinner-Shrek

James Bay – Pink Lemonade (Live) – SNL

Doctor Love

Dying Mrs. Gomez

James Bay – Wild Love

Movie Coverage – SNL

Weekend Update – Dawn Lazarus on Third Winter Storm – SNL

Viewers reacted:

Will Fudge When Keenan got real, “how many years?” That shit was comedic gold and love to watch Bachelor Finale Cold Open – SNL

Kimberly Donahue-Nijhof If conservatives didn’t watch the oscars they wont get this sketch for the most part. But it was spot on. Playa!

Conchita Harris I thought this week’s show was the best in a while. I laughed at everything. The Black Panther sketch was funny. I even called my husband in to watch when Keenan came on the screen. That wig thing had me cracking up.

Helene Davison Pls consider what happened with Gore and Lock Box. I’m pleading you don’t give into anything to just be funny or into fatigue and allow forgetting the importance of what you influence in the public perception. This is patriotism not to give up because it is taking a long time and not giving an easy joke that could backhandly take away from the serious power in your comedic platform.-Thanks

Chuck McCoy A weak opening sketch seems to always get SNL off on a bid vibe, which I felt was the case on this show. But this 2nd sketch got things back on track for the rest of the program.

Jack Barnett Diffidently an improvement! Best Saturday Night Live in a long time. Only had to fast forward through the news desk skit! Get the hint! Stay out of too much politics!!! Entertain us, don’t show us your ignorance!!!

Christian Montes She’s awesome, but I thought the actor who played, Common, owned that skit lol 

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