SNL used The Bachelor to roast Robert Mueller’s case against Trump

SNL Robert Mueller Cold Open

SNL Robert Mueller Cold Open

"Best case scenario: they'll realize they're both crazy and become best friends like that movie Step Brothers. But more than likely, Donald Trump is gonna realize that he's just Twitter crazy, and Kim Jong-un is crazy crazy." — Michael Che

Viewers to SNL Robert Mueller Cold Open

Kalvin Goodlaxson When will you get Will Forte to host the show? I mean it's been years since he was in the cast (only for cameos), and he is on The Last Man on Earth that is on Fox right now. Dave Drust A pity host for Bill Hader. Why not just add him back in to your lineup? His only dimension is SNL.. and he's really good at it.

Christiane Yelibi I haven’t been to NYC since Stephon left. No one to tell me about the cool or “hottest” spots if you will. What do midgets do these days?! Mary Donovan I dig Bill Hader. Hoping for a Kristen Wiig sighting as well. Would not be the same otherwise. Mary Walker John Belushi and Gilda Radnor are probably spinning in their graves! This show is terrible now!

Greg Burt Horribly unfunny. There were times when the pauses were so long, the audience may have nodded off. Worst opening I've ever seen in the show's history. Horrible Joshua Ricker Awesome seeing SNL have to eat crow. No collusion, just like Trump has been saying for over a year. Haha suck it libs!

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