Saturday Night Live’ Season 43 with Sterling K. Brown

 Saturday Night Live’ Season 43 with Sterling K. Brown

SNL : Saturday Night Live March 10

Saturday Night Live' Season 43 with Sterling K. Brown

From pitch meeting to promo shoot, Sterling K. Brown takes fans behind the scenes during his week at Saturday Night Live.

Viewers reacted:

Kyle Rieken The opening skit was way too long and boring… hopefully the rest of the show isn’t that lame.

Kimber Leigh Nussbaum Tonights announcer was really lame…no energy or excitement in his voice.

Patty Mayer I hope he plays Ben Carson. That has such great potential. Stormy and tRump talking in a hotel room would be hilarious too.

Mo Ko Can t wait to watch ,thank you for sharing with us all these moments of happiness 🤗 you gonna be great🤗 plenty of kisses😊

KeAnna Means I love how excited he is. It’s getting me hyped for it.

Piper Ordaz This is certainly great, comedy gold actually. Haven’t laughed this hard for centuries.  😛

Chokinonashes61 I love my Sunday mornings, waking up to Saturday Night Live uploads. It's 04.47 right now, not long to go…

Keri Ouellette I love this video diary idea! I’ll be watching


Let's just say Sterling K. Brown really loves SNL

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