‘SNL’ skewers Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over guns in schools

SNL Weekend Update Destroys Betsy DeVosa

Weekend Update – Betsy DeVos – SNL

Stefon is back with more St. Patrick’s Day tips — this time with a little help from his lawyer, Shy!

Weekend Update – Pete Davidson on Kevin Love – SNL

Viewers reacted:

Melissa Conlin Omg great show so far but jeez Arcade Fire is going to induce seizures with those flashing lights.

Sharon Shin The auditions for Jurassic Park skit was awesome!! Great job, everybody!!! Loved it!

Hamish Pursoo The old man in wheelchair and the alien skit were both lame. Should have scrapped those for reporter Herb Welch, Dateline Keith Morrison and Vincent Price. Now that would’ve killed!

Lara Jenkins WAAAY too much strobe on that Arcade Fire performance. I’m sure seizures incidences are up after that! But this episode has been HILARIOUS!!! Love Bill!

Karen Shinn Smylie i always loved bill doing that old reporter, wish he would have done that skit, those were just hilarious. even Bill Murray said Bill is one of the funniest out of all SNL alumni. it’s true.

Matthew Martinez I fawkin love Bill Hader!!! But this episode just didn’t hit the mark for me… Aidy Bryant picked up the slack, but it was still missing something

Stacey Kincaid Bill is the best ,put him with jt and the show would explode ,think about it ,this is a great one ,have bill on more often

Michelle Bendzlowicz Black Why don’t you show a SNL with Hillary falling everywhere. Mock some of the left too. There are some really good stuff there too.

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