Weekend Update: Stefon on St. Patrick’s Day – SNL

snl weekend update stefon

Stefon is back with more St. Patrick’s Day tips — this time with a little help from his lawyer, Shy!

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Viewers reacted:
Eric Eckenroad Bill Hader is a God oh my gosh I’ve never laughed this much since Tina Fey as Sarah . I’ve laughed off and on with Kate McKinnon but bill is a genius I just watched Seth Meyers one too I miss it on Netflix not a fan of Hulu thank you for cheering me up I don’t watch it much anymore unless I know the host

Lindsey Peet Mestolimia is not funny or anything its a very horrible killer,i lost my dad to this he really needs be a public apology ,would he be laughing if was him with NO he wouldnt and still love Anderson Cooper White House Turmoil Cold Open

Adele Jayde Kaitlin For some reason my mind forgot that it would be Stefon with Jost and I haven’t watched it bc I’m already dead, I aslo love to watch Alec Baldwin Donald Trump SNL Today

Deborah Higson Think this is a very American type of humour… personally I don’t find this funny at all (couldn’t understand what the guy was saying most of the time)… and agree with Sharon Kember Brazier, it is extremely crass to joke about asbestos… what a extraordinarily unpleasant chap.

Anna Andrews Who played Stefon’s lawyer? the audience got so excited when he came on, and I had no idea who he was! lol

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