Stephen Breaks Down Sam Nunberg’s Breakdown

Stephen Breaks Down Sam Nunberg's Breakdown

Stephen had a monologue full of perfectly good tariff humor ready to go. Then former Trump aide Sam Nunberg got on TV.

Viewers reacted:

Bernice Erehart After Mueller gets thru with Sam, pants will need to be changed. Sam's pants.

Craig Shields I think it's clear that he was crocked. When he sobers up and realizes what's going on he'll sing like a canary.

Robert Kuester Why did FB delete Sharon Hernandez's comment….or did Sharon delete it? Oddly I don't really expect the truth. .

Edith Margarethe Bluhm Keri, this will get you all caught up, and is much more entertaining than any other source! Though it looks like they taped before the CNN anchor told him on air that she smelled alcohol on his breath….

Linda Reynolds-Holland Hysterical!!!!! This was bound to happen. I never did care for Numberg, but kinda feel sorry for him now.

Noah Prince welp, there goes a block. I don't want this in my notifications, and if I wanted it, I would simply search it out myself. 


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