Stephen Colbert Breaks Down Michael Cohen’s Recording Of Trump

Stephen Colbert Breaks Down Michael Cohen's Recording Of Trump

Stephen holds a listening party for the audio recording of Michael Cohen and Donald Trump arranging a payment to silence Karen McDougal in September 2016.

The Video That Goes With Cohen's Audio Recording Of Trump

You've heard Michael Cohen's audio tape of Donald Trump discussing payments to a Playboy model. Now, you can see it.

Trump Predicts Russians Will Meddle In The Midterms For Democrats!

Donald Trump admitted that there's a real threat the Russians will interfere in the midterm elections. And that he's the victim.

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Viewers reactions:

Scott Probe You’d think they’d at least make the sign read “hours”… give the poor guy that keeps having to reset it a fighting chance!

Baila Fekete This is a place that people that don’t have a family they live her thank god I don’t live her , only animals live her , lol ,

Samuel Ellis Question: Do the bailed out farmers have to submit to drug testing to receive their welfare?! Asking for a friend.

Evelyn Morton Tuck I would think they'd never have to change it from what it says in the picture.

John M. Current We were just there on vacation. How did I miss this sign? I am sure some of the travelers on our bus were Trump fans. There was at least one person who bought a MAGA hat but it quickly went away. What fun it would have been to make this my home screen.

Nancy Jackson Listen folks, aite? If we're so good at lyin' to you, just think how good we are at lyin' and bluffin' with them! We're Slick! Teflon! Smooth operators. Ok? Now give us your money. We've got a poker game and a little short of the buy in. Don't worry! You're gonna be winning so big!

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