Trump And Putin Are Getting Back Together

Stephen Colbert DESOTRYS Trump And Putin

Trump and Putin haven't seen each other in a while. As they say, absence makes the heart (if they had hearts) grow fonder.

on Stewart takes over the Late Show with his own message for the president.

Viewers reactions:

Betsy Slat Another magnificent show !
I wish you a great vacation, and I know you deserve a time to relax with your family, but to be honest, every time you go away, “you take a piece of me with you.” In this case, the me is America. Mr. Stephen we rely on you, we trust you, and you are far more than a late night comedian. Hurry back, won’t you please?

Marsha Woods Johnson You just joked about North Dakota and boating. You do know that this state borders Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes. ND has many beautiful lakes, marinas, and you’d probably be surprised at the number of boats, houseboats, and other watercraft sold in the state. BTW, the Corn Palace is in Mitchell, SOUTH Dakota. I watch you and Seth every night. You two are my salvation thru this nightmare of an administration

Pattie Riggs-Corbin They really got some nerve trying to rush Mueller when all those other cases that went through have tripled this in time. I can't wait for Mueller either but Steve you were spot-on as usual awesome skit.

Joseph G Boyer Stephen. I used to love you but you are just too much now I cannot bear to hear you anymore. It's too sick.

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