Stephen Colbert Destroys Mark Zuckerberg over Silent Amid Facebook’s Privacy Scandal

Stephen Colbert Destroys Mark Zuckerberg

Stephen Colbert Destroys Mark Zuckerberg

Faced with the prospect of users deleting their apps over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, co-founder Mark Zuckerberg issued a powerful statement.

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Viewers reacted:

Nancy Jackson Yeah…see… if I ever get questioned about my FB stuff…like it proves I'm a certain kind of person by what I 'like' or 'share' or 'whatever'…
I'm just going to say I was lying all over the place to fool the psychological profilers. I didn't really 'like' that…I just said I did…I only 'followed' that page because it's so contrary to how I really feel about that…I wanted to give them 'garbage in' so they would get 'garbage out' about me.
(( But then, I was born Jan 1, 1905 ya' see…so I'm a lot older and wider than most? No, that's not a typo…I'm a lot wider from using FB these days? LOL 

Jasnon Robertso Facebook claims to make around 15 dollars a year of each of us by selling our data to anybody. Here's an idea. Why not give us the option to opt out of all data-mining and ads, and to guarantee our data remains private and unused. I'll pay 15 dollars to opt out.
It's time to make that opt-out choice be made mandatory on all social media. Feel free to suggest this to your politician.

Beatrice T. Bell hahahaha, love the tumbleweeds. and good god are they feeding trump all of the stupid names he comes up with?

Jodie Gillette Henderson I've tried and tried to watch your show…
It's impossible.
I'll be glad when they shut it down and replace it with something more entertaining… Like a 3 hour infomercial about hemorrhoids. Yeah, that would be more entertaining.

Shea Alexander I love you Steven, but please cut out the drinking games and talking regularly about drinking your sorrows away, some people do not take it as a joke, but permission to keep drinking a lot. I hope you know that alcohol is the most dangerous drug, it kills more people than Heroin and other opioids and destroys many lives!

Patricia Fantoli It is a done deal and has been for some time. Post from legitimate, verified sources, be careful what you share, don't take quizzes. They already have the info, and we should not deprived of our resistance and organizational platform. We should press our congressmen and senators to legislate judicial and financial penalties.

Tom Gemmell Don’t forget that your legislators, Congress, Supreme Court and executive office (dump trump) have consistently buried their heads in the sand regarding their citizens privacy rights. They avoid constitutional rights to privacy. The GDPR in the eu is the answers much of what should be our constitutional right as a us citizen.


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