Stephen Colbert take on Gary Cohn`s Resigned.

Stephen Colbert: Kim Jong-Un Tests A New Weapon Called ‘Optimism’

“It’s fine, I’m fine” says a White House that is definitely NOT in chaos after top economic advisor Gary Cohn resigned.

Viewers reacted:

Diane Burns As Trump bellowed “Believe me, believe me, there’s plenty of people just waiting to be able to work in the white house…….hahaha…yeah, but for how long??…..anytime he says “Believe me…don’t.

Matt Ch Cohn came on for one priority; tax cut. His constituents, the large corporations; were/are his only interest as a former Goldman CEO.

Mari Alon I have some friends we are doing bingo. I need Sessions and Kusher

Sandra Beberian Yet another one? I read that Hope Hicks left because Trump was constantly berating her.

Rob Freeman Same garbage, different shovel. The only thing my friends and I enjoy watching (with the sound muted) from this horrible show, is this doofus goofus – SC and his deformed ear. Every time he bears that twisted bit of tissue towards the camera we all take a shot and have a gut busting laugh. Thx for the visual entertainment, because your material certainly isn’t!

Nancy Jackson He better leave the housekeeping staff alone or Melania will have to do the dusting.

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