Stephen Colbert Blasts Donald Trump on Obstruction Of Justice

Stephen Colbert Donald Trump Video

Donald Trump is telling his Attorney General to shut down the investigation of Donald Trump.


Wednesday brought a trifecta of Twitter nonsense from the President, with tweets about Al Capone, a 'smocking gun,' and basically obstruction of justice in plain sight.

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Viewers reactions:

Daniel R Choate Trump and Rudy come out of a restaurant, walk to the car and find they left the keys in it with the doors locked. Rudy says to Trump, "it's a rental, I'll get a rock to break the window. Trump replies, better hurry up, it's starting to rain and the car top is down!"

Justin Youso Collusion isn't a crime. It's also not a crime to cheat on your wife with a porn star. Lots of things aren't crimes. Is that the new standard?

Samuel Ellis All you have to ask yourself is, "Why would an innocent person want to kill an investigation that can prove their innocence?" It's literally that simple MAGAts!

Olivia Duncan Tonight, 8/1/18 was hysterical! MORE hysterical than usual. Helps me keep my sanity!

Jim Estabrook The President cannot obstruct justice. Look it up. You are absolutely disgusting, Col- bert. Anti-American Left winger!!!

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