Stephen Colbert: Trump Joins The ‘Collusion Is Not A Crime’ Chorus

Stephen Colbert Donald Trump Youtube

Stephen Colbert Donald Trump Youtube

Donald Trump pulled a complete reversal on ‘no collusion’ to ‘no, collusion isn’t a crime.’ What’s he going to flip-flop on next?

Donald Trump Has Nothing To Apologize For

Stephen Interviews Sean Hannity's Interview Of Donald Trump

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Viewers reactions:

Viewers reactions:

Robert Lueken It isn’t a crime. And the left knows it … they just want it to make him look bad enough to not get votes in 2020. That’s what it’s all about. Nothing else. Pretty expensive game with taxpayer money I think.

Amberlee Sibley MF I am so sick of this crap. When is someone going to charge them all with treason

Brenda Tucker Funny how all the folk here that used to say "no collusion" are now saying "eh, not a crime". Don't you know how that makes you look? Or just don't care anymore?

Danielle Spezzafero LOL. I love this show. And I must say seeing Barack Obama in the Patterson-Gimlin film the other night was quite a shocker for me. I had no idea he was in that footage. He looks fantastic in 2018!!! Hasn't aged a day in 50 years!! 

Edwina Green His modus operandi is becoming very boring. One minute issuing ferocious threats and insults at leaders of other nations, then grovelling to them. Hot and cold, back flip Donald. He is getting pretty obvious.

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