Stephen Colbert: This Is Why Trump Doesn’t Do Solo Press Conferences

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Stephen delivers a monologue about Trump's long, incoherent, rambling press conference just minutes after Trump's long, incoherent, rambling press conference.

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Viewers reactions:

Viewer reactions:

Kelly John  On trump's being laughed at, at the UN. The truly hair raising detail here, is that trump was genuinely surprised at their reaction. He is that self-deluded. And he ain't no actor. He is a liar, yes, a bad liar, a transparent liar; that's just who he is. But no actor. That was honest, shocked surprise. And now he is trying, with some wilder than ever window-polishing hand waving, to convince us that they were all laughing together! What joke, exactly, would that be, that you shared with them trump? That you are the greatest president, with the greatest accomplishments? That's the joke, then, right? So that means that you are very aware of you not being a great president at all, having accomplished the least ever, in the history of the USA. OK! – Sure… Fact is, the World has been laughing at trump for a long long time. Thing is, trump now gave the World the opportunity to laugh directly in his face. How magnanimous of him

Billy  "Trump 2020: A Big, Fat Con Job", as usual, Colbert just finds the right words to sum it all up. Our president just cannot stop embarrassing himself and our country. We thought the UN conference was bad. The one where he forgot this wasn't a Trump rally was literally laughed at and was genuinely shocked that they weren't taking his MAGA claims seriously. We thought one was bad. And it was. Now he comes out calling Democrats "con artists" and once again affirming that he does in fact believe Kavanaugh's denials more than the three (at the time) accusers and still won't call for an FBI investigation. But I think one of the most disturbing parts of the speech is one that was sort of buried amidst all the other nonsense: Donald Trump stood in front of a national audience and flat out admitted (in reference to Roy Moore) he would pick a Republican for office over a Democrat no matter what, even if that Republican has been accused of sexual misconduct. What more do we need to see to realize that this man is not fit for office. We need the 25th amendment.

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