Trump Turns Down An Irish Castle For An Irish Airport

Stephen Colbert June 5 2019

Stephen Colbert June 5 2019

President Trump met with Ireland's Prime Minister at one of the country's most beautiful destinations: an airport V.I.P. lounge

Captain Colbert hopped aboard the Late Show submarine en route to the UK, where Piers Morgan was interviewing President Trump.

Brits Greet Trump With Baby Blimps And A Giant Penis

Jared Kushner made an easy question about 'birtherism' look extremely difficult. 

Viewer  reaction:

Dena Grose Colbert is fantastic! Granted, trump make it pretty easy to get the "what in the heck was that" material, but Colbert presents so well. Much needed assistance to get through these troubling times. Thank you Colbert!

Frank Hoffman Worth noting that they met at the airport because Trump wanted to meet, as a promotional move, at his own golf course in Ireland.

Bailey Parker I've lost all repsect for you Mr. Coblert. You're skit, dressing up as a Naval Officer, doing an interview with President Trump, bringing up and joking about the USS John McCain, that was beyond tasteless. Trump jokes are NOT the issues but bringing the USS John McCain is. I lost a friend that day. I have friends on that ship that day. I work with a fellow sailor who went through that tragic event. Joke about President Trump all you want, but you do NOT use stuff like that as a Joke. Tastelss and disrespectful. You should be truly ashamed.

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