Stephen Colbert: Trump Wrongly Blames Obama For Family Separations

Stephen Colbert Late Show Youtube 2019

Stephen Colbert Late Show Youtube 2019

In addition to separating children from their families, Donald Trump is now separating facts from our shared reality. Trump: The weak man's idea of a strong man. The poor man's idea of a rich man. And a dumb man's idea of a smart man.

Trump's 'Our Country Is Full' Is The New 'Lock Her Up'

Caging Kids Isn't Tough Enough For Trump

Stephen Colbert had on a legal expert who told him there is nothing anyone can do about it if the supreme court ordered Trump to turn over his taxes. Trump would just say who's gonna make me? you and what army? And then there would be a constitutional crises. The supreme court will not say the taxes have to be turned over because they don't want to set up that crises! SO TRUMP IS IN FACT ABOVE THE LAW! He can do as he wants and NO ONE can stop him

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