Stephen Colbert: How Mueller Sparked Trump’s Latest Twitter Fit

Stephen Colbert Roasts ‘Scared’ Ted Cruz for Buying ‘Late Show’ Ads


The special counsel's request to question the President about obstruction of justice sent Trump into an early morning Twitter frenzy.

Ivanka Trump's recent comments contradicting her father might have jeopardized her position as favorite child. But, then again, her competition includes Don Jr. and Eric.

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Viewers reactions:

Mark Powley Trump has no clue the devastation coming to him legally, financially, historically. 
I want those responsible for installing him in office to get the same.

Maria Lopez Bwhaaaa I LOVE YOU! You make me laugh at this current situation. Much better than the feeling of dread I wake up with. Lol

Thomas O'Leary Actually it’s my right to question authority. 
108million eligible voters sat out the last election.
What I can say about that is 50% are likely women.
If a woman in today’s United States can watch the moral bankruptcy of this prez and sit on the sidelines, in light of how women are marginalized by trump and his cronies, they would have to be dead inside to think that their voices do not matter. Now since the other 50% are male, it would be important to support women’s rights.
I would not even be on the planet if it were not for a woman.
Let that sink in

Ronald Bergstrom Tax Evasion will nail trumpery. Mueller will light him up and off to the federal penitentiary for his life until he expires.

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