Stephen Colbert: Red Hot Congressional Strzok Fest 2018

Stephen Colbert: Red Hot Congressional Strzok Fest 2018


Describing Peter Strzok's congressional hearing as 'going off the rails' is an insult to defective trains.

White House Welcomes A Disgraced Fox News Boss And His Racist Wife

Kim Jong Un Chose A Potato Farm Over Mike Pompeo

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Viewers reactions:

Ma Garrity have some concern that we are making too much fun of trump and not being as critical in our thinking as we should be. this could be causing more desensitization than is okay. trump is a really narcissistic person and this clandestine meeting with putin is incredibly disturbing. don't care if you support republicans or not; this should frighten everyone and not be okay. 

Natasha Ivanova Good job, Stephen! Today’s hearing was a real circus where Reps went completely off the rails. The last shreds of decency were falling off at a lightning speed and the volume of ugly, hypocritical and plain stupid was unprecedented.

Zeimet Pamela This on Congress ,I watch this for a while today it was this goofy I couldn’t believe it in fact I had to turn the channel I couldn’t stand it

Holly Waldridge Mayer Best line of the day: “Do you need your medication?!”to Senator Gohmert

Douglas Johnson "How dare you have an affair! It's not like you are the president or anything!"

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