Trump Kicks Off His 2020 Campaign With Help From The Guzzlers

Stephen Colbert Show June 18 2019

Stephen Colbert Show June 18 2019

The President kicked off his 2020 presidential campaign with some help from an opening musical act, The Guzzlers.

Mick Mulvaney isn't the only staffer who attempted to help the President with a mid-interview cough

Viewer react to Stephen Colbert Show June 18 2019

Gary L Condon Hey, Colbert. Yer missing out on a lot of great material by ignoring the nuts on the other side of the spectrum. Some of yer stuff is pretty funny but I dare say one could have a great time panning the clowns on the left. Not only that, you would have a larger following.

Lyle Kapustinski Sure miss the days when so called entertainers just entertained, Steven used to be funny 20 years ago on the daily show or prior to that when he was an understudy to Steve Carell Second City Chicago.

Ann Amonette Chambers Lisk Anti-Semitism has no place in America – especially in Congress. Yet Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have repeatedly engaged in anti-Semitic. What are you saying about that?

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