Manafort’s Double Flip, Trump’s Climate Change Jibberish and Ivanka’s Email Snafu – The Daily Show

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah November 28 2018

It’s a turbulent week for Team Trump as Paul Manafort violates his cooperation agreement with Robert Mueller, the president continues to clumsily refute startling climate change reports, and Ivanka is confronted about her use of a private email.

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Despite the Trump administration’s most recent report on man-made climate change, the president continues to deny the science behind global warming; meanwhile, cable news outlets continue to bring on non-scientists to share their personal opinions on the situation.

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Viewer reactions:

Hunter Grant Ivanka: "Can I copy your homework?
Hillary: "Yeah, just change it up a bit so that it's not obvious."
Ivanka: "Ok."

Merrysue Mosconi Iwanka needs to get a job……maybe she can move to China and work for 4 cents an hour in one of her failed factories……..oh..the irony

Trenton Simshauser I can’t remember a single day since President Trump took office where he was not mentioned negatively by your program. Climate change is real but unknown on the actual causes since it’s been happening for as long as the planet has existed. Does humankind influence it? Yup but prove to the level of being the most causal factor. Lastly Ivanka holds what position again? Which of her emails were classified? Hillary had tons of those and ya Hillary simply is a horrible human period. Although I do hope she runs again.

Hiwina Hiwi You know what no! He is going to be like A, B, C, D are wrong! I’m just going to create my own answer F for fake news (in his voice)

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