Trevor Noah Destroys President Trump’s 2020 Slogan

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Donald Trump

 The Daily show with Trevor Noah on Donald Trump

President Trump discusses his 2020 bid at a rally meant for Pennsylvania's special election and agrees to meet Kim Jong-un to discuss North Korea's denuclearization

Trump agrees to meet Kim Jong-un, then heads to Pennsylvania to pimp his own re-election campaign.

Viewers reacted:

Kelly What's sad about the first half of this video is that you have a president insulting a series of hard working and successful women, while there are young women holding up banners behind him with the words: "Women for Trump".

Was it deliberate? Did the women really understood what was happening? It doesn't matter what political party you support, no women should support/endorse any man deriding and insulting women.

Too insult to injury, they're displaying their support for him while he's insulting women. Trump might be the most disrespectful president in America's modern history, but his presidency has exposed some real hard truths about America. The country has a very long way to go in terms of how a certain group of people perceive the world.

Keith Goldhair Trump is the sleepy eyes son of a bitch

Marc Fishman Good news was I set my clock forward Sunday and I lost an hour of Trump being president 

Joe Andrews Elected officials run for office when they should be running the government 

Pres. Trump is a highly effective campaigner, and has seldom given up campaigning to actually do the job of Chief Executive.

Nathan Dosher I know 2020 is an election year, but aren't we already in one in 2018 that he's not enforcing those sanctions on Russia like Congress and the Senate overwhelmingly said for him to do?
Unless of course, Casino Mussolini sees the writing on the wall and just trying to get whatever money he can from suckers before Mueller can finally release his tax returns he refuses to show us. His incompetent staff and him having the subtlety of a Michael Bay film has probably made things worse for him in the end.

Jason Nieuwenhuis Moron!
He talks like a 9 year old. He’ll say half a sentence, then lose his train of thought, then repeat the first half again and maybe this time finish it off. It may take 3 tries. It’s the same as listening to a kid try to spit out an explanation of what happened at school today. 

Today Kieran said to me, today at school Kieran said to me, um , Kieran said I want to come play at your house this weekend.

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