Trevor Noah: Trump’s White House Has “No Chaos”

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Youtube

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Youtube

Trevor on Trump’s denial of chaos in the W.H.: I don’t wanna say the president is wrong, but this seems like chaos. At this point, I bet even “chaos” is like, “nah, this is too crazy for me, you need to take this up with ‘bat-shit.’”

After Trump tweets that there's "no chaos, only great energy" in the White House, Kellyanne Conway is accused of violating the Hatch Act, senior economic adviser Gary Cohn resigns, and Stormy Daniels sues the president for failing to sign his own NDA.

fter receiving a subpoena, Sam Nunberg takes to cable news to discredit the Mueller investigation, only to offer up his email passwords a few hours later.

Trump Doesn't Think Twice About His Looming Trade War

GOP lawmakers are quick to denounce President Trump's plan to put tariffs on steel and aluminum, citing a possible trade war and thousands of job losses.

What did fans think of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Youtube today:

Adam Blackshaw US politics has jumped the shark. We're numb to anything happening now. Wouldn't be surprised if it comes out that Trump was actually born in Kenya.

Antonio Medina Where do I apply to work for the White House? … I have zero experience and I’ll do 10% better than the ones who left.

Claudia Leyton How come that every time I hear Trump speak I always think of Captain Eric Lassard from the Police academy. The only thing Trump missing is the fish bowl

Jerome Korshak And if there is chaos, which there isn't, everyone's saying that – it's the best chaos. Terrific chaos. Believe me and love The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Youtube

Johnnie Torres II   miss you Jon Stewart but Trevor is doing a great job. Yous made a great choice of successor.

Richard Luce II One benefit of today is that his supporters seem less inclined to post in retort today. I am not saying that “but Obama” or “but Hitlery/Killary” didn’t happen today somewhere but I haven’t seen it.

Cdeann Bowers They investigated themselves and found themselves in no cents. They only take millions. Remember The Giant Within, Tony Robbins? 45's pulling the idea where you change the words to refocus, you aren't tired, you've used your energy well and need rejuvenating. You aren't broke, you have a trickle in your cash flow. You don't smell bad, the scent is quite aromatic. It's not chaos, it's energized.

Barbara J. Cobb Kelly is just , IDK!! These ppl who think they can say and do anything because they are in this man's cabinet. I pray they all be exposed for their nasty little secrets.
Sarah Mayer "I still have some people that I want to change" ??? I am not a native speaker, but this is either really bad English or a Freudian slip in writing.

Sophia Dikaitis Trevor you are so right it’s about 
As scary as it can be !! You are always so right on when it concerns that dreadful person
Trump. !!!

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