The Late Show with Stephen Colbert March 8, 2018

the late show stephen colbert youtube

The Late Show Stephen Colbert Youtube

If the President, as he claims, never had an affair with Stormy Daniels, then why did his lawyer use a restraining order to keep her quiet?

The dating app Bumble decided to ban guns from users' profile pictures. That's bad news for this loaded hopeless romantic.

A Gun's Reaction To Being Banned From Bumble

Trump Scolds Sarah Huckabee Sanders For… Being Honest

McDonald's And Barbie Honor International Women's Day

North Korea Sends The U.S. A Friend Request

Kim Jong-un sent an invitation to meet with United States and Donald Trump RSVP'ed 'Yes, as long as I get all the credit.'

'All In with Chris Hayes' host Chris Hayes is taking an Occam's Razor approach, the simplest explanation, to why everyone from Trump's inner circle is lying to federal prosecutors about Russian collusion.

Rep. Devin Nunes told Fox News he wasn't aware of Late Show reaching out for comment during Stephen's trip to Washington. But Stephen has receipts.

Viewers reacted to The Late Show Stephen Colbert Youtube

Alex Skye Those two clowns together in one room talking about nuclear weapons. What could possibly go wrong?

Deb Kineston Do you ever have any jokes? That might be funny? Please turn off the canned laughter it's annoying.

Ree J Fenderisimo Great! Maybe they'll kill each other and make millions and millions of people in two countries very, very happy.

Andrew Darley It's 2018. A pornstar is suing the President of the United States. This more bizarre than the time Franklin Roosevelt tried to hit on Lucille Ball.

Okay, that never happened. Probably.

Greto Alene If Bumpster truly meets with the leader of N.K. he should bring Dennis Rodman along.

Patricia Di Paola He ask Kim Jun to bring his dad because he can't figure out who's dead or alive.

Jonny Doff Omg this was hilarious. So many good one liners. You are a genius!

Kenny Hawkins Sr. Wyatt McGuiness your stupid leader just tried to give condolences to a steel worker he just fuked and the poor misaligned man informed him that his dad is still alive??!! WTF gonna play donnie on this one " Hat's off to the Planet Meth for their continuous and unadulterated support for my oblivious senility.. Dam yall ain't stain on the mattress dam you sank onto the floor and love The Late Show Stephen Colbert Youtube and watch everyday

Tony Huff if *45 goes hard after sarah huckabee sanders it could finally break the *45 evangelical bond.. if mike huckabee takes exception to the way *45 potentially treats her.. he could turn on *45.. and evangels will listen to a preacher over a so called president

Irene Whiteswan On a more serious note….. as an outsider looking in on your country, I cannot believe that Trump did negotiate personally with North Korean officials. This would have been going on for some considerable time before this was made public and done by career and public servants. North Korea will probably make some sort of trade deal with America The dictator thinks help from the U.S. will enable him to solidify his leadership, just as North Koreans generally think alliance with the U.S. helped South Korea prosper. So you really have to have a rational look at Trump and see that this is not a one man band leading the true believers from the dark side.

Vee Kay It’s better to see the men posing with their guns—you can gleefully swipe left and avoid them all together.

Patricia Di Paola So then you don't know they're a gun fanatic until they have you safely tied to the bed? Better one knows in advance. The Late Show Stephen Colbert Youtube always good to watch

Dillon Ray Klingsmith In Missouri you have to be 21 or over to buy a pistol and pistol ammo. So their little mascot is wrong for here. When you go to buy a gun whether it's pistol, shotgun or rifle. You have to go through a 6 to 8 page forum answering questions about yourself. Then they have to see your drivers license and have to have your social security number/card and rarely your birth certificate to make sure you are who you really are. Another photo ID on top of that. Then they pull you up on their little computers and check your criminal history record to see if you have a violent past along with medical records to see if you have been diagnosed with a mental illness. And you don't even get your gun then. It'll be sent to you or the shop in 3 to 5 business days.

Andrew Thomas I had to take a urine test once many years ago. It was for my physical. … NEWay… I went in the bathroom and got the cup. I noticed a little metal door beside the toilet to put the urine sample in for the nurse on the otherside. I sat on the toilet and opened my side and knocked on the other. The nurse opened the door a little confused. I said Father I have sinned

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