The Late Show 11/29/18: Cohen Exposes Trump’s Business Ties With Russia

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Nov 29 2018

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Nov 29 2018


In confessing his own crimes, Michael Cohen has exposed potential wrongdoing by his former boss. Again.

Donald Trump's quote about trusting his gut over the brains of experts reminds Stephen Colbert of a guy he used to know… Stephen Colbert.

Viewer reactions:

I had Breakfast with Maya Angelou in 1980 or so at ODU. Well, Me and about 600 OTHER people, y'know. She was lovely and so eloquent. David Allen Grier impersonated Her on "In Living Color" pitching Froot Loops, Butterfingers and Pennzoil and Brother, I was on the FLOOR laughing! The videos are on the YouTubes!

I didn't do it, nobody saw me, you can't prove anything." -Bart Simpson "Even if I did do it, there's nothing illegal about it. Perfectly legal, folks." -DJT

Trump's lawyer is guilty. Trump' campaign adviser is guilty. Trump's campaign manager is guilty. Trump's other campaign manager is guilty. Trump's national security adviser his guilty. Trump is guilty.

Trump is truly, truly unbelievable (to say the absolute least!) He will say that he is not guilty, EVEN if he kills millions or billions of people! Truly an unbelievable person!!!

Mueller is going to give millions of people the best Christmas present for 2018. Drumpf will finally be taken away! Whoooo hooooo! Got to go get more popcorn

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