Sephen Colbert : You’re Not Dreaming: A Porn Star Is Suing The President

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Youtube

The late show with Sephen Colbert Youtube

You're Not Dreaming: A Porn Star Is Suing The President

Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump have gone from birthday suits to lawsuits.

Stephen Parodies Ted Cruz's Profoundly Bad Parody

Ted Cruz gets a lyrical lesson after committing a cardinal sin of songwriting in a new 2018 radio campaign ad.

Trump's Trade War Means Pricier Jeans, Bikes, Boo

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, for once, won't bend for aluminum and steel tariffs proposed by Trump.

What did fans think of The late show with Sephen Colbert Youtube

Ryan Swallow Why isn't the press going after Melania like they did Hillary after the blowjob incident?

Lisa Schaffer-Harris Every day I think how weird everything is…like an alternate timeline or universe. I keep thinking, maybe like Dorothy I just hit my head and will wake up back in Kansas.

Margaret DeBrito ROFLMAO… its not "alleged" if Trump has to pay $130,000 to keep her silent just before the election, and his lawyer has to "secretly" file an injunction to force her into arbitration over an "alleged " affair. ROFLMAO

Beatrice T. Bell the other interesting thing is the complaint says something about her knowledge of other partners, which totally is gag a maggot material because it could mean, oh god , i don't even know if i can say it…threesomes. (that is not said anywhere but is where my horrified mind went).

Nancy Jackson I wonder what 'Mother' thinks of hubby Mike Pence hitching his wagon to such a morally reprehensible person?
I can imagine her making him drop his clothes on the back porch and walk on newspaper to the shower before she'll let him in the rest of the house.

Aprl Churchill We are really living in looney tooney land with a nut leading the parade. Every morning I wish that this was all just a horrible horrible nightmare. Thank you Stephen .. the only way to live through this is to laugh.

Drew Marshall The entire Country should start a class action suit against the President for failure to perform, breach of contract, behavior detrimental to children, egregious language causing harm to the USA'a Worldwide reputation and inciting racism and bigotry in a public setting and I also love Chaos in the White House, PETA’s Letter to Melania Trump – Monologue

David Prokopy Please don't ever use the words "Donald Trump" and "birthday suit" in the same sentence again. K,thanks.

Frances Okafor-Emezue Omg. Ewww… Please i hope to God we never have to see those pictures!! This is just too much.

Bob Mendoza But I must say I think that’s the most coolest thing porn star trying to sue trump make him look so cool and makes him LOOKS LIKE A PLAYERRR…and make putin and Kim look like snow flakes my dog .and no collusion proof just a hot girl trying to get what she can he’s prob the dammm COOLEST PRESIDENT EVER!! Aahhhhhhhahahaha, love The late show with Sephen Colbert Youtube today

Jeremy Bolwell The office of POTUS has never sunk so far…Yet. Its gonna get lower. MAGA Mueller Aint Goin Away

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